We love a party – and we love helping clients to make the most of their parties and events. Whilst many guests will have their mobile phones with them, having a more formal system for capturing photographic memories can really add something special.

We’ve all been there. The host has organised a Photo Booth so that you can – maybe a little tipsy – dig about in some silly props, and then press a button for a machine to take your photograph.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It can be a cheap and cheerful way for the host to provide some self-service fun. But it’s all rather impersonal and can operate to a basic formula that doesn’t reflect the personality and quality of the event. Let’s face it, a generic photo booth is just not the right thing at some events. 

Our bespoke Anti-Booth service can solve that problem for you.

Your Anti-Booth is designed with you and your individual event in mind. You may well want fun hats and masks, and we can even supply themed props, perhaps following a colour palette or party theme. But what about the backdrop? What are people posing on? Is there a real photographer there to get the right angle and exposure? Do you want people to avoid the camera until they’ve built up enough (dutch) courage? Do you want them to pop home with a little image that they’ll probably lose that doesn’t say anything memorable about you or your event?

An Anti-Booth is a pop-up studio with a real living, breathing photographer. It can be inside or in an outdoor setting (weather permitting, though we have a quality canvas pavilion tent available). It can make use of a simple existing backdrop – maybe a room in a house or a pretty garden, an architectural feature or a splendid view. You can choose a studio backdrop or screen, or a specially-made backdrop or set. Your ‘models’ can be lit with studio lights and artfully posed. You can have comic hats and masks, inflatable props and freaky notices. Equally you can simply have your guests photographed in their finery in front of an elegant backdrop.

So imagine you are planning a family event – maybe a wedding or a christening – and want a record of who was there, and want your guests to have a memento. An Anti-Booth can be set up and guests invited to have their photo taken in the studio setting that you have chosen.

Or a corporate event – you’re promoting a new venture, or a new product or service. You’ve invited your backers, potential clients and influential people to attend, and you want them to have a memory of the evening to keep. With an Anti-Booth you can set up a pop-up studio to photograph everyone against a backdrop advertising your new brand, or with your new product, whether it fits in your hand or in your showroom! 

You then have a choice as to how those photographs are delivered. They can be a useful thank you to those who attended the occasion or a way of following up their interest in your venture or product. We can offer the facility to print-on-site if you’d like people to see their prints at the event or take their images away with them, but do you really want your guests spending their time at your event queueing to collect prints rather than enjoying themselves? Our recommendation is to send out the prints after the event, so that we have a little extra time for images to be edited and cropped to the highest quality, and also means you have the option to add messages or logos to prints. Generally there’s not a lot of difference in price to you, but do ask us about our choice of packages.

Anti-Booths come in three types:

Party – effectively a pop-up photo booth with a living breathing photographer using professional camera equipment and basic lighting. An assistant will be required if ‘print on the night’ is required.

Bespoke – a pop-up studio with studio lights, and a choice of studio backdrop or existing available background (and a living breathing photographer, with Assistant as required)

Signature – a pop-up studio with bespoke lighting, props and backdrop (and a living breathing photographer and at least two other members of our team in support)

If you’d be interested in Anti-Booth, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.