st ouen’s bay

A selection of images

St Ouen’s is one of my favourite locations that I have been able to photograph over many years. A wide bay open to the Atlantic with a large expanse of sand and a considerable tidal range.

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A dramatic seascape and sky
Para Surfers on St Ouen's Bay with backdrop of early sunset, lighthouse and defence tower
View over beach and sea in the blue hour with Lighthouse
View of beach with bright sunlight beaming against dark sky.
On a windy day, the waves break on the beach and on the rocks around the lighthouse
A view over the sea towards a Napoleonic era defence tower, with two para surfers and a windsurfer in view
Napoleonic era defence tower on a rock in a lively sea
La Rocco Tower built in Napoleonic Times, at high tide in St Ouen's Bay Jersey Channel Islands
Autumn low tide on beach, showing dramatic sky, lighthouse and Napoleonic era defence tower on rocks in the Bay
A view over dunes towards the beach with summer green sea, with a Napoleonic era defence tower
The fast ferry from Poole passing behind Le Rocco Tower and St Ouen's on the way to Jersey
Napoleonic era defence tower at low tide
A dog and its owner walking away along a sea wall with waves crashing over the wall
Ancient cottage painted entirely white with dramatic sky
View along the sea wall on St Ouen's Bay, Jersey, showing wide sandy beach
View over a foreground rock, with the sea wall and a large café restaurant above.
View of cafe overlooking beach from above sea wall
People having lunch on a terrace overlooking a large beach
Ice cream kiosk
A wave breaking over the sea wall and spraying into the air over a barrier
A white cloud in a blue sky above the spray from a breaker rising above the sea wall
Wide view of an expanse of beach and moody sky
A couple walking into an expanse of beach towards the sun, a black and white image
Beach and sky at sunset with five para surfers in action
Looking out towards the shoreline with a dramatic sky reflected on the wet beach in the foreground
A wide view of St Ouen's beach looking north with the cloudy sky, tinged with orange, reflected on the wet sand
View of small hamlet on a promontory at the end of a long beach
Flock of birds flying with sea and dark sky behind
A flock of gulls flying along the beach with the waves in the background, blurred to show the motion
A flock of small gulls flying low over wet sand
A small flock of black headed gulls flying above water with beach and seaweed in background
A squall of birds taking off from a beach with waves behind
Beach and lively breaking waves with birds in the foreground and lighthouse on the horizon