What we can do for you

We understand that every business and family has something unique to offer, and so we tailor our services to meet your individual requirements.

We love our work and the people we meet at events, in families and at businesses. We enjoy making things special for our clients and look forward to working with you and getting to know just what makes you tick.

Fine dining in Kinsale at the start of the WildAtlanticW


Your event is special. You have designed it as a special occasion and you want it to go well and be memorable. 

That’s why we provide you with bespoke photography tailored to your needs and to meet your requirements. Whether we are photographing a large family party, a social occasion, or a corporate dinner, awards ceremony or conference, we will work together to commemorate the day for you.


Our services include reportage style imagery – seeing the event as it is including those special informal moments – combined with formal photo sessions as required. 

We can set up a pop-up studio to any standard or design. Our flexible ‘anti-booth’ means you can have images of your guests during the event in a style that befits the occasion and is bespoke to you.

I am not a traditional wedding photographer – I offer a documentary style of photography to betrothed couples with a small traditional element.


The best images are not made to sit as electronic files on computers or the web. The true quality of an image comes from printing it in a book or putting it on your wall. 

Whether at home or at work, inspiring images have impact and make you think. Presented properly in traditional framing or more contemporary styles, they become attractive pieces to enhance your environment.

Ask us about the latest trends – we can show you innovations such as printing on aluminium, or block mounts.

We have a library of images of great places and designs. We also take images commissioned by people like you and make them into works of art for your home and office. Whether to decorate a room in your house, your restaurant, hotel or office, we know that a quality piece of wall art lifts the spirits.


Your brand is what makes you distinctive, whether as an individual or as a business. The imagery that you use needs to express the values and strengths of your brand. We work with you to understand your brand and propose how we can create images to celebrate and promote that brand.

You might be a professional wanting to portray an image of yourself to potential clients, or a corporate leader wanting to help your customers and workforce understand your brand values.

Whether it is headshots of your team, lifestyle imagery, or product and service photos, we can relate all our work to you and your brand on a creative and bespoke basis. 

We can also help with wider aspects of the visual presentation of your brand by offering experienced creative expertise, graphic and web design, through our partner business New Cottage Creative.

We can also advise and carry out social media management for you. 


No-one needs to be told how important excellent presentation of any service or product is in this social media and internet age. 

Not only do you need a really good, up to date and secure, web presence and social media channels, you also need images with impact to enhance your public profile and sales, which reflect your brand values and engage with your customers.

We love working with entrepreneurs and, as small businesses ourselves, we understand the pressures you are under and how we can help you. 

Candles in gift tins
Candles in gift tins

Both Place Images and New Cottage Creative have worked with diverse businesses to provide a complete range of photography and design services from packaging to promotion and web design. We also provide social media management on an ongoing basis.

Together we can support your business development, brand awareness, promotion and sales.


Memories are the glue that connects people and times. Whilst we all live in the present, time flies by and when something is not remembered then it may be lost. 

Photographs, particularly when converted to print, maybe in a book or on a wall, bring people together and act as reminders of special events.

We can help you to create and keep wonderful mementos for the future. 

Whether you want to record a youngster growing up, or a pet moving through life, or to commemorate an event or a special moment, we can take these photos for you and present them in a style of your choosing.

We can also restore old photographs of past family and friends for you, using the services of New Cottage Creative