I have visited Jaisalmer twice and found it to be a colourful and friendly place. It is situated towards Pakistan at far West of Rajasthan, in the desert. The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of 38 in this massive and intriguing country. These photos are all from my visit there in 2020 as the covid emergency was just starting.

Among other things I photographed was a clinic for free cataract operations, and in the Stories section of this site you can read my blog about that. I also managed to go into the desert and go on a camel as well as being entertained by a local Bedouin band.

Two of these images have won awards. One was shortlisted as a nominee for the Black and White Spider Awards 2020, and another was awarded Bronze by the Guild of Photographers in the UK, as well as featured as Image of Day on the 28th March 2021. Read my blog about the eye clinic here

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