For charities that I support the aims of I am willing to volunteer to help you get great images for your fundraising, just call me.

Photography is not my only passion. I am also passionate about doing what I can to support those who have life hard in this world. Like many, I have seen the distress caused by poverty, illness and other curses of the modern day. Therefore, when I can, I like to use my photography to support charities doing good work especially when the charity can’t afford to pay for photography. 

This most commonly involves photographing events such as sponsored runs, cycling, skydiving, in a way that will help the charity raise money for their cause. But it can also involve all kinds of photography or even my own charitable promotions.

I would like to do more in this area of work. I can’t do it too much because I need to earn money as well, but if you know of a charity that might like to have my assistance please don’t hesitate to pass on my details and a link to this blog. 

The kind of charities that I like to support are those that help those in poverty, particularly but not exclusively food poverty, or those that address gaps or inequalities in health services and health outcomes such as hospices or community health charities. I am currently only supporting charities whose main focus is in Great Britain or Ireland. All I ask for in return is for my images to be credited and genuine testimonials about how my work has helped.

I can’t and won’t meet every request, but I am always willing to listen and see what I can do. Contact me through my contact page